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You can browse and manage you libraries and files stored anywhere on your PC. You not only can delete, copy and rename your files and folders, but also you can share your files to any PC and mobile devices.

It’s easily to share a file toother devices

The software will put your computer as a server, and the file will be shared to other devices through the LAN, and the speed will be high. Even very large video files can be downloaded in just a few seconds. You just need to enter the link on the Browser or scan the QRcode by the Browser.  There are two ways to share the file. The first one, you can share the file in the software. The second, you can share the file at anywhere you want to share.

Tabs view

You can open some different libraries on the different tabs, just like open webs on browers.  Microsoft will increase tabbed browsing in Windows 10 19H1 version. If you want to experience it now, you can download the UWP version of my computer now.

Freely sidebar

It takes up a large part of the browsing interface. The current version supports file type retrieval, common application startup and website navigation. I believe that with the continuous improvement of customization functions, it will become a file artifact of win10. [Note: The current software version file type search only supports the current directory, not a full disk search.]

And More….

This software will let you open the files and libraries by the system.  And it is very friendly for the  tablet mode.
Windows 10 users can go to the Microsoft official app store to download the new version My Computer:

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