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Ⅰ. Scope of the Agreement

This Agreement is entered into by and between you and Zeecent regarding your download, installation, use of the Software and your use of related services of Zeecent.

Ⅱ. Contents of the Services

The Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Services“) contents refer to the software (My Computer)  provided  by Zeecent to the users.

Ⅲ. Form of the Services

You need to download My Computer client to use the Services. The Software can be getted in the computer or pad which supported UWP applications.

Ⅳ. Scope of License of the Services

Zeecent grants you a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use the Software. You may install, use, display and run the Software for a non-commercial purpose on a single terminal device.

You may make a copy of the Software for using the Software and Services.The copy must contain all the copyright information contained in the original Software.

Zeecent reserves all other rights not expressly authorized by this Articleand other terms of this Agreement.

Ⅴ. Acquisition, Installation,Uninstallation and Update of the Software

5.1 You can get the software from the Microsoft Store.

ifyou obtain the Software or any installation program with the same name as the Software from any third party.  Zeecent cannot guarantee that the Software can be used normally and therefore takes no responsibility for any loss caused to you.

5.2 If you no longer need to use the Software, you can uninstall the Software. If you are willing to help Zeecentimprove the product and services, please connect with ours.

5.3 Zeecent will continue to develop new services and from time to time provide the software updates. All the updates will be getted from Microsoft Store.

Ⅵ. Protection of the User’s Personal Information 

6.1 It is a fundamental principle of Zeecent to protect the user’s personal information. Zeecent will take reasonable measures to protect the user’s personal information. Except for the circumstances prescribed by laws and regulations, Zeecent will not make public or disclose the user’s personal information to any third party without permission of the users.

6.2 The software will checkout the disks withpermission of the users.  Zeecent will not make public or disclose the user’s disks information to any third party without permission of the users.

6.3 For software development purposes, only data related to software exceptions or crashes that do not involve user information is obtained.

Ⅶ. Others

7.1 Your use of the Software shall be deemed that you have read and agreed to be bound by this Agreement.

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