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Microsoft’s renamed department changed the name “My Computer” to “Computer” and renamed it “This PC”. It was a problem for getting used to “My Computer”. For example, if you tell the system’s intelligent voice assistant Cortana to “open my computer”, the result will make you think that Cortana can’t do anything as simple as this.

For those who are used to “my computer”, you can try this third-party UWP version of my computer, in addition to adhering to the UWP innate touch screen advantages, while the following features perfectly solve some of the pain points on the PC, compared to Microsoft’s ” My computer is “new and refreshing, and it is considered a new version of the ship.”

Scan the QRcode to watch the video in the computer

In the post-PC era, with the increase in storage and computing power, computers should be the “storage center” and “computing center” of smart devices. It is foreseeable that there will be a mobile phone program with PC computing resources in the near future, and all smart devices will be more integrated. Realizing the mobile phone to watch the video in the computer, effectively reducing the storage pressure of the mobile phone. If you are tired at night and want to watch the small movie you just downloaded from the computer, scan the code and watch the video freely on your mobile device. [Note: The current version only supports videos in mp4 format]

QRcode To Play

Tab mode browsing view

With the popularity of browser tabs, more and more users have adapted to the tabbed switching of browsers, and the call for switching to Microsoft’s file manager tabs is getting higher and higher. Especially in the case of touch screen, tab switching is more in line with interactive logic, I believe Microsoft will increase tabbed browsing in subsequent versions. If you want to experience it now, you can download the UWP version of my computer now.

Tab Mode

Freely customizable sidebar

It takes up a large part of the browsing interface, except that it can be used to set up a common folder. In most cases, it is not obvious. Free customization of the sidebar according to your own needs can effectively improve the efficiency of use. The current version supports file type retrieval, common application startup and website navigation. I believe that with the continuous improvement of customization functions, it will become a file artifact of win10. [Note: The current software version file type search only supports the current directory, not a full disk search. ]


Other functions such as scanning files to a mobile phone or other device, although it can be used IM tools such as WeChat or Skype, but after all, you need to log in and find the device to send to the device and then browse the file, not directly.

Of course, if the function is not satisfied, you can click to open the system path and use Microsoft’s file manager to handle it.

Microsoft store download address

Windows 10 users can go to the Microsoft official app store to download the new version My Computer:


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